In the past, Wesleyan student websites, such as WESUNITY have been doomed to infrequent updates, and eventual stagnation when the people running them graduate. My hope is that by being totally open-source, this wiki will allow lots of people to collaborate, and the volume will be so great that it will become a source of news for lots of people, and never stagnate. Add your thoughts.

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Hi Bo. Very welcome. I like your pagemaking-power. Go on and use this wiki. But as it's thought to be a node for different university-wikis I'd like to ask you to move the contents for wesunity to an own wiki soon. It's confusing for others. This wiki is for no special university but for university-wikis in general. Apply for a Wesunity-wiki on wikicities. Link to the pages you allready made here in your application. I'm sure you get a wiki on wikicities. Another way to get one would be It's a ready wiki on the oddwikihive, running the oddmuse wiki-engine. Check it. cu. MattisManzel 03:41, 21 Dez 2004 (PST)