Thinking about university-wikis. What are they, how could collaboration be fostered?

On meatball-wiki: university-wiki is some thinking about that for a while yet.

We have many computer science wikis now, preparing to categorize all university-wiki would be on time. I hope the librarian students will step in ;) Wiki has /subpages and/or clusters (categories). Right?

There's also a cute thingy called rss-feed (real simple syndication). I know it's possible to make the contents of a wikipage show up as text on a wikipage of a different wiki. Even better would be the last changes only. Now some folks on an australian university have an idea some people on an english university think is brilliant. They exchange the rss feed of their pages on the idea and imediately - at home, on their home-wiki - see whenever the idea is progressing on the other wiki. As it's a good idea the two wikis make a page about it on the node-wiki, where they present it and link to the full discussion. Interested in what's new and hot for university-wikis you wouldn't have to read hundreds of other university-wikis anymore but you'd take a look at the node-wiki instead.

Ideally every neuron in our brain can make many synapsises to many other neurons in our brain. And it does. That's why the brain works so great ;) Should be the same with wikis I think. It's individually taking reponsibility for the whole in the end. The whole planet. I do this experiment of making node-wikis for university-wikis, city-wikis and wiki-hives for now. -- MattisManzel 13:35, 17 Dez 2004 (PST)